Each One Teach One

We all want the same thing out of our working lives. To do a great job, to be recognised for our skill and efforts, to be treated equally, fairly and with humanity.

Let’s work together to raise awareness of inequalities, and implement appropriate strategies to prevent it reoccurring.

Sojourner Enterprise will help you develop a staff network in your department, team or organisation.

Our team of consultants and trainers will support you to create a more inclusive environment for your talented and diverse workforce.

Staff Networks allow staff to get involved in Diversity and Equality work through in-house forums, committees and groups where they can gain peer support, discuss issues of concern and source solutions.

Find your voice and communicate your needs by learning the language of constructive conversations.

Strengthen morale and improve mental health by gaining the tools to engage positively with the shared experiences of minority staff.

Promote inclusion and engagement initiatives aimed at talent development and retainment of the wider workforce.

Leadership development pathways with training tools and workshops on a range of diversity awareness and discriminatory behaviour programmes.


Working in collaboration with company executives creates allies and provides staff with assurance and confidence which will undoubtedly boost staff morale and performance. Improve staff morale and avoid loosing talented workers. The company can retain the best employees in their workforce and save on expensive recruitment.


Practicing Allyship. It is equally important for employers to recognise behaviours that disguise implicit biases and be prepared to commit to engaging with change that allows for an equitable working environment necessary to eradicate racism in the workplace, and to ensure high standards of delivery and performance are maintained by staff at all levels.


Inclusive Leadership is a proven effective strategy to build stronger teams. It is important for employers to assure employees that they are supported by management and colleagues from all demographics and at all levels. Unfortunately structural racism exists. .

Let’s begin the change you want to see.

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