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SOJOURNER ENTERPRISE consultancy provides programmes, resources, events and tools to support service improvement and help you to create a Network with shared values that align to the values of your organisation.

Diverse communities provide a high percentage of the headcount in the workplace, from auxiliary workers and floor staff, frontline workers, people in public facing roles, administration, to supervision and middle management positions. However, far too often it is the institutional obstacles that can prevent BAME people from stepping up the ladder and progressing their career pathway.

Sojourner Enterprise will help you develop a staff network in your department, team or organisation and we will support you to create a more inclusive environment for your talented and diverse workforce. It is important for employers to assure employees that they are supported by management and colleagues from all demographics and at all levels. Unfortunately structural racism exists. Let’s work together to raise awareness of inequalities, and implement diversity and inclusion strategies to prevent it.

It is equally important for employers to recognise implicit biases and engage with new methods of communication and actions to install the structure necessary to eradicate racism in the workplace, and to ensure high standards of delivery and performance are maintained by all staff.

We all want the same thing out of our working lives. To do a great job, to be recognised for our skill and efforts, to be treated equally, fairly and with humanity.

Working in collaboration with company executives creates allies and provides staff with assurance and confidence which will undoubtedly boost staff morale and performance. Revenue will improve, staff turn over will reduce and the organisation will avoid the loss of talented workers, because staff won’t feel the need to leave the job they love. Therefore, the company can retain the best employees in their workforce. It’s simple really!


What We Do

Promoting the Positive Impact of
Diversity in the Workplace

Providing you with the knowledge and skills to challenge unfair treatment and feelings of inequality in your place of work.

Listen and Engage

We focus on the removal of barriers preventing BAME staff from progressing their career pathways in the workplace.

Accountability & Leadership

We promote awareness of and engagement in the practice of positive cultural change at all levels within a organisation

Because One Hand can’t Clap



Health inequalities is now a topic of great concern. If you are of an older age or from a BAME background you are more likely have serious illness or death from COVID-19 compared to people from white backgrounds. People from caring sectors, and public facing jobs are also at higher risk, public transport workers, taxi drivers, front line staff in health and social care are also more likely to become seriously ill from COVID 19.

As reported by NHS Employers, since the arrival of the Corona Virus the Black, African, Asian, Indian, Indigenous and other ethnic minority groups are more vulnerable to serious illness or death due to COVID-19 than others. The evidence in the PHE Disparities Report and the risk factors are growing. The PHE guidance is being updated to reflect the needs evidenced. Beyond the Data Report.

The national response has several shortcomings, but we believe that culturally competent and specific communications are essential to implement the action necessary to bring about real change.

Staff and management are now in a position to take the necessary action to ensure that the disproportionate impact of the virus on their workforce staff from black, african, asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds are minimised and that those staff feel appropriately supported and adequately protected.

Your staff network or trade union representative should be working in collaboration with occupational health and/or Human Resources to communicate the Risk Assessment process to you and issue guidance regarding the follow-up process.


Since March 2020 the completion of risk assessments by BAME staff have taken place. This process of assessment should be managed in a sensitive way given the systemic issues in every organisation, which have been clearly identified in several research projects and programmes.

Evidence shows that the absence of proper protection against risk of infection is the core reason for risk of COVID 19 infection to ethnic staff. Significant evidence has revealed that BAME staff are often placed in the frontline areas to work without the necessary or adequate protection. See Race Equality Foundation article.

In this regard examples of issues and experiences of discrimination are evident in most organisations. However, it is also evidenced that it is much more difficult for the BAME workforce to raise concerns or have their voices heard within their organisations, because by doing so they often feel labelled as trouble makers.

This is a complex problem that requires joined up working and transparency at all levels. Executives and senior management must tackle this issue at a pace to change the patterns of disparity in their organisations. We urge employers to act with swift and immediate action to accelerate the pace of change around COVID 19 to ensure staff are emotionally and financially supported and protected.

However risk is not limited to this pandemic it goes way beyond corona. Some employees are vulnerable in other ways and these areas present with risks that require attention too.


We thank you for taking a moment to share your experience with us. `Please complete our survey.

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Inequality In the Workplace


increase in profitability with improved staff wellbeing


of companies do not carry out Bullying & Harrassment reviews


per year
lost due to workforce discrimination


of the working population are from BAME communities

Equality Report on British employers attitudes to recruitment of foreigners

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Why Join Sojourner Enterprise Network?

STAFF NETWORKS allow for the voice of the collective workforce to be heard, engaged with and aligned with the organisations values.

In this way we collaborate with you and your organisation as allies and we support you to make the changes necessary to champion inclusive strategic equality methods at all levels in at your place of work or study.

Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion are now crucial issues in the workplace. All organisations in all sectors are now taking a second look at their policies and behaviours to ensure they are treating their staff fairly.

There has never been a better time to be part of a group actively challenging discriminations, inequality and systemic racism in the workplace, and who are actively championing intersectionality, leadership and inclusion.

The value of learning the tools and triggers that fuel bias behaviours are priceless and can only serve to benefit you to overcome the challenges. These tools can also be used outside of your place of work to support your progression and improve your wellbeing and that of the organisation as a whole.

Because you have the right to know


Workplace success is built on human interactions, collaborations, partnering and the ability to work together.

We provide a range of learning tools to develop your awareness of behavioural habits and unconscious decision-making that can impact negatively on other people in your organisation or team.

  • Cultural Appreciation
  • The Bias Illusion
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Freedom to Speak
  • Being Policy Wise
  • Leadership Development
  • Shared Values

Fostering an inclusive, well balanced environment enhances an organisation’s ability to attract and retain a talented workforce. All organisations have a legal obligation to take care of all their staff.

The diverse workforce widens the pool of potential job applicants and demonstrates a workplace culture that values all its staff and demonstrates a strong corporate and social responsibility for the company.

Diversity and Inclusion should now be at the top
of the agenda in all organisations

“Go where you’re celebrated
Don’t stay where you’re tolerated
Don’t stay where you’re denigrated
Because you don’t have to…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Accountability “

We all have a responsibility to treat each other with respect, but that culture can only be created by a business keen to tackle it and face it full front.
Nima Baniamer, Sky

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Celebrate differences”

When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organisation.

Pat Wadors, Linked In

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Adjust the Mindset”

The point isn’t to get people to accept that they have biases, but to get them to see [for themselves] that those biases have negative consequences for others.

Theresa McHenry, Microsoft


Sincere thanks to our expert panel of speakers, we receive some great feedback from our events.

Huge thanks also to all participants who attend our events. We are so passionate about equalities, our events are designed to give you the insight and support you need to place yourself better when dealing with the challenges of facing discrimination. Follow up events are always being scheduled. Keep an eye on our website for further details or request to join our members list to take full advantage of the benefits of membership.

We encourage you to sign up early to be informed as our events sell out quickly.

Please see the links below for event slides and audio.

After the speeches: what now for NHS staff race discrimination? by Roger Kline

BAME LGBT+ Safe Space & Disclosure – Access the webinar here


Equality and Inclusion for Ethnic Communities and the Diverse Workforce


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