Assessing Risk to BAME Employees and Clients


Evidence shows that the absence of proper protection against risk of infection is the core reason for the disproportionate infection of COVID 19 on BAME staff. Significant evidence collected shows that BAME staff were often placed in frontline areas to work without the necessary or adequate protection. This together with See Race Equality Foundation article.

BAME staff are at increased risk of infection because of employers’ failure to tackle staff exposure. Racialised patterns of employment have been revealed through the explosion of the Covid pandemic. Both organisation effectiveness and patient care benefit from the inclusive and diverse workforce.

Since March 2020 the completion of risk assessments by BAME staff across public services have been requested. This process of assessment has proved insufficient and should be managed in a sensitive and strategic way, given the ongoing systemic issues in organisations which have been clearly identified by the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES). See: Ahead of the second wave

Raising Concerns

Examples of issues and experiences of discrimination have been documented over the years and are clearly evident in most organisations today.

It is also evidenced that it is much more difficult for members of the BAME workforce to raise concerns or have their voices heard within their organisations, because by doing so they often feel they are targeted as angry, ungrateful, trouble makers, and subjected to ‘different’ treatment.

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